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Saturday 5 March 2016

School of Fish at the Brockville Aquatarium

This clay mural was an outreach project with students, staff, and committed volunteers of schools in the Brockville area.
Krista Cameron did fish tile workshops with elementary school students, Mr. Sheridan's grade 12 classes produced the amazingly realistic fish, turtle, and frog tiles.
Tom Weagant had the lengthy and thankless job of making the perfectly plain tiles.
The project was complete by summer 2011.
 It was installed at the Aquatarium in March 2015, at which time my husband Victor Limbeek grouted his fingertips to the bone.



Tom Weagant emailed me this note when he read that I described his job as thankless:
"Thanks for the recognition but it was too much fun to be described as thankless;))"

           Yes, Tom, it was too much fun! The project consumed me for about one and one half years.

     Loved planning out the process, loved being in the classroom with the students, loved teaching Dave the technical stuff (Not sure he loved that, but we are still good friends! 
      Loved seeing it sprawled all over my showroom for months, loved showing it off in pieces to anyone who happened to drop by...loved that Victor was so meticulous about grouting it, and loved all the enthusiasm that radiated out of those FISH!
Please enjoy my photographic trip down memory lane!





Krista Cameron
Dave Sheridan








Neil Hobbs comment

Dr. Neil Hobbs recently commented on the completed mural:
"Have to say I was fascinated by the process and outcome of the ceramic mural with students - it is good to work with "arrows launched into the future" as Kahlil Gibran calls children..and students are in the same category, I guess. We may never see where they land but it's good to help draw the bow that sets them on their way...."






  1. The mural is just beautiful. Congratulations!

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